Moja Carte

The Moja Carte makes everyday commute easy and faster with our contactless card and QR code payment. Pay your fare


Stress free public transportation

Avoid the need for small and plan your transportation budget efficiently.

Book and pay for your taxis or bus through our mobile App.

Start your journey to a stress free public transportation.


The Moja carte, helps drivers build a verifiable revenue history.

This is the driver’s wallet companion card which receives fares paid by riders in real time. Drivers can use their Moja carte to pay for fuel and other vehicle expenses. The card helps them build a verifiable earning statement which can be leveraged to access credit with the Moja Ride network of partners. 

Transport companies

A step towards future with electronic payments

Reduce the amount of cash at your station and track your money easily.

Accept electronic payment and transfer to and from your bank account.


Gain benefits by connecting to digital world

Bring your union into the future and become a facilitator or car loan for your members.

Moja carte helps you facilitate payment of all transportation licensing for your members.

Gain additional revenue from financial services. 

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